Sunday, 4 June 2017

IFireUK Ltd: Burglar Alarms Edinburgh

IFireUK Ltd is an Edinburgh operating security system specialist with over 25 years experience in supplying the latest devices and equipment for guarding your home or organisation.

The safety and comfort of your family or personnel should never be undervalued.

Our principal field of expertise is in the design, supply and installing of all types of security goods which include fire and intruder security alarms, domestic and business CLOSED CIRCUIT TV systems, door entry systems, and security lighting installs.

Intruders dislike our security systems because they make things highly difficult for them. If you need to have 24/7 monitoring, then our Alarm Receiving Centre keeps you protected when you're property is occupied or empty. Providing you piece of mind at all times.

As IFire UK Ltd is an insurance approved organisation with third party accreditation from SSAIB, you can be confident that all our work is of the highest standard and conforms to all European legal guidelines with appropriate certifications.  As part of our service, we offer Free security reports for your building with support and advice on how best you can develop the protection of your home or business.

Regardless of your situation or location, we can assist you to create a security system that best covers you from all dangers whether it's burglars, fire or monitoring.